Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Death of Lorraine Ferguson

Hello Everybody,
Last evening, I received news that Lorraine Ferguson has returned to the Divine Artist.  She was a long time and faithful DIA member.  Lorraine had served on our Board and had been involved in past Gathering Planning Commissions.  She initiated the Artists' Retreat at the Mariondale Retreat Center and for many years organized and facilitated it.  Due to health issues, she no longer was able to join us for our annual Gatherings but this impacted neither her commitment to DIA nor her preaching God's work through the beautiful watercolors she created.  Recently, she told two of our members who visited her: "My rollator is my easel".
In her recent Art Series, she shared her art images that had emerged through prayer and contemplation.  This series was so well received, she was invited to add four more paintings with accompanying contemplative questions which has been published as a personal journal and is currently available through barnesandnoble.com.  No small feat for a 92 year old..
At our recent Gathering, Lorraine received, in abstentia, the 2018 DIA Spirit Recognition Award.  It is presented to a person who not only embodies the spirit of the Dominican Institute for the Arts but also has served it well.
In a recent note that Lorraine wrote me, she said that DIA would always be in her heart and prayers.
Let us now hold Lorraine in our hearts and prayers along with the Dominican Sisters of Hope as they lay to rest a beloved member of their Congregation.
Your memories, thoughts and prayers may be sent to DIA member, Connie Kelly who is a member Hope's Leadership Team.  Her email is conshope@gmail.com.

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