Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thoma Swanson OP has told us that Aminah Robinson died May 22, 2015. She had been a major presenter at our  gathering in Columbus. We had gone to her show there.  I'm sure that everyone in the DIA who remembers her will rejoice that she had the grace of a happy death.    Let us pray for her as well as her friends and family.

The Virtual Gallery
shown at the gathering can and does include those who are not able to be at the gathering. Kindly send .jpg files, video links, to this email along with the name of the works be it poetry, photos, art, legal youtubes.  We really would like to share your work.  Kindly do it by June 20 if possible.
Part of the virtual gallery includes a memoriam. If you have any pictures of yourself with Adele Rowland at a gathering it would be appreciated. Again send them to me at diartsop@gmail.com. If they are already on our website I have them. 
The attached article 
is the basis of reflections by the panel in Great Bend. You might recognize this from Grand Rapids Gathering years ago. It is by Ann Willits. It is worth a read even if you are not coming. Send any reflections to me at diartsop@gmail.com.
Please get in your memberships and any registrations for Great Bend.
Let the preaching Continue!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Adele Roland Our new Patron Saint!

With tears and a heart filled with gratitude I write to inform you that Adele Rowland OP peacefully passed into the arms of our loving God last night about 9 PM.

The funeral Mass is Thursday at 10 AM Pacific time in the Gathering Chapel of the
Dominican Sisters of San Rafael in their Motherhouse. Their wake is private.

I am sure DIA members will pray with them this final journey of our friend, mentor and DIA's" Grandmother." There is a tribute to her on the home page of the website www.diartsop.org with links to her page and video.

Sister Pat Simpson OP told me how Adele eagerly read each update we sent and always love news from DIA. She read it all on Monday of this week! See the video to us on the website.

I wrote the Sisters of San Rafael in your name of the great inspiration and gift Adele has been to us. I passed along the stories I received months ago when she first went on hospice care. (They have a facebook page and their contact information for condolences is on their website at http://services.sanrafaelop.org/who-we-are/contact-us/)

Adele was 99 years young. I am sure she is having a few words with Ansel Adams and Fra Angelico to name a few. I am also certain that she will continue to walk with us.

May we learn from her quick witted gracious and loving mentoring how to do that with and for each other and those with whom we minister.

May we pray for the Sister of San Rafael, her family and each other as we mourn.
(She is shaking her head at me saying "What's the fuss? This is wonderful. See you!"

We carry her in our heart.
Barbara Schwarz OP