Friday, February 24, 2017

update on Irene Mary's Brother LOdy

Dear DIA sisters and friends,

Just sharing some update with my brother this past weekend....with my continued THANKS TO ALL PRAYERS, MESSAGES, AND MANY GESTURES OF LOVE AND CONCERNS.

My dear Sisters and Friends,
With prayers from you accompanying me and S.Carmel Marie, we drove  to Southern California Presidents' day weekend in between surges of brief showers and clear blue skies. Hwy 101 was a beautiful and captivating, safe, and scenic drive!

We reached our final destination to see my brother Lody and  consequently, 2 other siblings and their families. It was very good to see him although looking weak, pale, in tears and less communicative than his usual happy self. He is up walking with a walker, dragging the oxygen tube around the house and at one point attempted to cook for us...and he did cook "adobo" for me to take out/home the next day.

Since he came home, he had been visited by one therapist and a nurse from Mission Care.  As he said it, that's what they do, their job is a mission. I was impressed with the name they carry; a shadow of commitment and compassion!  I would have loved to meet one or all of them. The 2nd therapist is also scheduled  to come that very day we were leaving.  But we couldn't wait since we had to leave to beat the predicted heavy rain that day.

I trust and am truly grateful for what therapy and care he is receiving and the healing process he is working on. Edna and Nilda (wife and daughter) are giving so much sacrifice of time and energy and work over and above their own jobs and needs.. I've shared with them your messages of  support and prayers via email, etc. And for this, all in the family are deeply grateful, especially my brother who  gave a big smile when he heard of familiar names and even  recalled meeting you as a sister or a friend just from stories told about convent/community, or even more so,  from pictures.  THANK YOU/ SALAMAT PO!
He will have more chemo sessions for 5 weeks; 2x per week.  I don't know however, when this 2nd set will begin..Unfortunately, the chemo will be in Escondido which is so much further and quite a drive. Nilda would be the only one who could drive him, and she works on a midnight shift.. I just hope she can make some kind of reliable driving arrangement, especially taking her child to school
It was a brief visit yet comforting and reassuring just to see him. I know you will continue to bring him to our loving God to hold him and touch him with healing
love and strength.
With much love and thanks,

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