Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was informed today of the death of John Gerlach OP. John was a member of DIA. He died in Dubuque Iowa in late November. He had been at our 2002 gathering. Let us pray for our Dominican Family as the Saints gather in a great multitude under Mary's Mantle.  May he rest in peace with Catherine and Dominic.

Monday, December 9, 2013

I am most grateful for all the messages of condolence upon the death of Sister Ginny Maguire. It has been a great comfort to her friends, leadership of my Congregation and her family.

Continue your prayer for us as we continue to walk the journey.
Barbara Schwarz OP

Monday, December 2, 2013

From Armando re: Poetry Festival

From Valeria Nouges in Latin America

Some messages:

Dear friends
I share with you the joy, the fruit of years of study, prayer and support of many individuals and institutions. Heart Hugs for everyone. Valeria Nouges (Latin America)


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

i am really enjoying hearing more and more from the Dominican Artists..
happy thanksgiving, everyone!!!
nancy ann Turner

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jude will certainly be in my prayers as well as those who have attended her and been supportive of her in her Community. God bless her, Jeanne Stickling OP

Received after the emailing of the news of her death.
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I join you in mourning the loss of our Sister Jude.  I remember her when we first began our DIA gatherings.   We connected immediately, as I am sure she did with so many, many other people. She was a great example of someone totally committed to Preaching in word, art and deeds.  She was a preacher, who lived the Preaching. Like you, I am sad at the moment, but my consolation--as I am sure is yours as well--is that the vivacious love she lived in Jesus Christ has taken her home, where one day we will all meet and dance in the joy of God's laughter. 
Blessings.  Know of my prayers,
                                      Armando, O.P.
Jude was loved by all who she ministered to and others who knew her. We will miss her infectious laughter, kindness, humor, and her positive outlook on life. She is now with Jesus who was and is the center of her life.

May her soul rest in peace and her friends be consoled.

Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP
Dominican Sisters of Peace
Special Projects Director

Yes, we know that  our God has welcomed her in loving arms and fullness of love. May she shower us the jewels of her creativity..i could still hear and see her joyful countenance...
Irene Mary Diones, OP
Rudolf Lowenstein OP, English Province, is saying a mass for her and all DIA and those who are caregivers this weekend
Before her death
Thank you for the info.  Know my prayer is with Jude.   S.Martina

I am so sorry o hear of the many in need of prayer and in ill health.
Please assure them, and particularly Jude, prayer for their peace and health and
for all those who minister to them.

Most sincerely, Kathleen Voss, OP

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rudolf Loewenstein
4:16 PM (3 hours ago)
I shall be offering up Mass for everyone here metioned in the message as well as a blanket intention for the health of members (etc) this weekend.
We pray for our Sister Jude Bloch and for her Dominican Congregation, family and friends  as this day she has entered into eternal life. Jude died at 2 PM on this 11/21/13
More Members in need of prayer:
1.Our Fr. John Gerlach O.P., who suffered a heart attack yesterday, Nov. 19th, and who is in intensive care in Finley Hospital in Dubuque for at least a week.  May the God of Healing  be with him and all who are in need of prayer. Our Mound Community and Our Dominican Brothers-Fr. Jack and Br. Gilbert 
 P.S. If all goes well, they hope to move him to a regular room today
2.Dear Family (Bloch family and Dominican family), Clark Community and Friends of our dear 'sister' and friend Jude,
Through these November days at our 'home' in Marywood Health Center, Jude has weakened in strength of body while her spirit is amazing - truly seems to calmly and confidently soar except when there is pain.  Only brief visits seem appropriate at this time. While Jude may be awake or awake and alert, she sleeps much of the time. She often recognizes her visitor, but that is not always possible. Of course, we all wish Jude will have another 'bounce back' this side of New Life. She's done it before; but it is not ours to determine. Jude is restful; her countenance indicates her great trusting and loving bodymindspirit.
Today is the anniversary of Jude's final profession in our Dominican community.  She wrote on memorial cards:
    solemn profession
    to simply, gladly
    give a lifetime
    is to be held closely
    (as moist clay)
    by creation-stained
    godly hands.
    sr. jude bloch

Thank you for your great care for Jude!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Members in Need of Prayer

All will remember our Sr. Rose Marie Conway OP Sinsinawa
who passed away November 1st at Madison WI

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 08:45:13 -0500
Subject: Members in need of prayer
Jude Bloch OP
"Sister Jude Bloch is continuing recuperation care at Marywood Health Center. She appreciates your prayers and supportive messages. Please, visitors are limited at this time. Thank you.
Jude Bloch OP"
She continues to give every effort to gain a new strength and  energy.Jude so appreciates your support and prayer.
Sr. Jude Bloch, OP
Marywood Health Center Room 250
111 Lakeside Drive NE
Grand Rapids MI 49503-3895 
Pat Daly OPA
Pat continues to recover from surgery but Phil has been in and out of the hospital. Right now he needs prayers for proper placement near Pat. This is difficult for both of them.
Pat Daly
480 Liberty St.
Braintree, MA 02184
Mary Fran Gorman
Continues to recover but is in need of prayer.
Mary Fran Gorman OP
1225 W. Monroe St.
Springfield, IL 62704